“Okay it’s my turn. I’m an object, you beg me before using me, what I’m I? ” Rukevwe asked

The ward was lively again as Rukky had been moved back in. The other patients surrounded her bed. 

Those who had broken arms took a seat beside her while those with broken legs sat on their wheelchair. They were playing games. 

” I’m counting now oo…1…2…3..

“Cream, cream “one of them yelled. 

” Yes you got it right ” Rukky said 

While they were clapping for the patient who got the answer right, Dr Desmond came in. 

” What is going on here? “

Immediately they heard his voice, they went to their various beds and everywhere became quiet. 

Rukky seeing that it was Dr Desmond smiled but he didn’t smile back. 

” What was the noise about? “

” We were just playing games and having fun and… 

“And you couldn’t do it quietly? “

” I don’t understand. Why do you seem mad. So because we are in the hospital, we should live like people that are suffering abi? We should act lifeless ni “

” I don’t care. This is a hospital and I like my ward I particular to be quiet”

“Boring somebody ” she said and hissed 

” What did you…. I am not… I don’t need to explain anything to you. I am the doctor and you are the patient. I make the rules and you follow. When you leave you can be as loud as you want. Understood? ” he yelled at her. 

Rukky did not respond. She only looked away. 

He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by Rukky’s mother. 

” Doctor, good morning ooh “

” mama, miguo “

She dropped her bag in surprise 

” You na urhobo person? “

” yes ma” he said smiling 

“This world small ooh”

“Yes ma. Let me leave you to tend to her ” he said looking at Rukky who looked away. 


Desmond struggled for the umpteenth to focus on the filing he was doing but he kept messing it up. If he was not spelling Rukky’s name, he was seeing her face everywhere. 

” What kind of rubbish is this na” he blurted out frustrated. 

He had been fighting the urge to go check up on her. He knew it wasn’t yet time. He just wanted to see her. The fact that she was mad at him wasn’t helping either. 

He stood up and went to the space in his office that would allow him see his patients without going inside the ward. It was big for him to see them and for them to see him too or for them to talk to him. 

“She’s beautiful” he found himself saying. 

She was smiling and talking to one of the patients. 

She suddenly turned and their eyes met. He quickly pulled back and went to his seat. 

“This is nonsense ooh. This girl has only been here for a few days and she’s affecting me like this. Wetin be this one na? “

The voice of the chief rang in his head

” You are not to have anything intimate with any patient of the opposite sex. Your job is to treat them. It is against hospital rules and if found guilty, your appointment with us will be terminated. “

” You better control yourself Desmond before you loose your job” he told himself as he stood to go do his check ups 


Since their little argument, Rukky had not set eyes on Dr Desmond. Though she was mad at him for shouting at her, she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to see him. She kept stealing glances at the door hoping he would walk in. 

“This one you’re looking at the door, are you expecting someone? ” Mary one of the patients who was about her age asked

” no.. I.. Nothing”

Just then Desmond walked in and she fought hard to hide the smile that came. 

“I saw it” Mary whispered before Leaving 

“Good afternoon Rukevwe ” he greeted and used the drip as an excuse for not looking at her

” Fine” she replied coldly 

Desmond felt a sharp pang in his chest but quickly pushed it aside and continued 

“Were you given any medication today? “

” Yes” she replied in the same manner

“Okay! Well, later in the evening a set of clutches will be brought to you. For the next six weeks you would have to use them for mobility cos you can’t put weight on the legs yet. Although, your right leg can accommodate a little weight since it was the fibula that broke but during the six weeks, I’ll engage you in minor exercise to flex your knees “

When he didn’t get a response from her, he clapped his hands

” Okay! That would be all” he said and began to leave. 

Halfway To the door, he turned back and went to her. 

“Rukky, sorry for shouting at you”

She kept quiet like she didn’t hear him. 

“Rukky na” he said tapping her shoulder 

“Leave me alone”

“I said sorry na. It’s just that I like quiet “

” Is that why you yelled at me? “

” I’m apologizing to you na”

“I’ve heard you”

“Oya smile for me. That your beautiful smile ” he said teasingly 

” Go jor” she said trying hard not to laugh

“Smile na, shakara girl” 

She burst into laughter and Desmond joined in. 

There was a knock on the door and Desmond turned to see Festus. 

“Let me leave you to rest” he said and left. 

Immediately he left, the patients that were present began to murmur amongst themselves smiling at Rukky 

“what na? She asked

“people are catching feelings ooh” mama kunle said

“come off it jor. There is no feelings anywhere “


Festus sat quietly looking at Desmond who was busy tapping away on his laptop. 

” I can’t believe you’ve not written the report yet”

“I forgot na”

“Why will you not forget, girl Don enter your head na”

“What do you mean by that? “

” You think I didn’t notice the stupid smile on your face when you were talking with that your patient ehn? “

” You’re seeing things. I offended her and I was only trying to cheer her up”

“Orh! Oga cheerleader. Since when did you start caring if you offended patient? Just remember the hospital rules ooh”

” You’re making a mountain out of a mole. “

” I hear. Give me report make I go”



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