Desmond tossed and turned on the couch he laid watching football. 

It had been that way since he stayed back home from work. He missed Rukky terribly and every part of him longed to see her that it literally hurts him. 

He kept seeing her every he turned and it wasn’t helping. How can a woman take over his world in such a short time? 

“Desmond wetin de do you? This one you dey turn up and down for the chair so, you sure say you well? Ant de bite you? “

For a moment, he forgot he was with his mother. 

” Mommy I’m fine. I just am not comfortable. That’s all”

His mother adjusted herself so she could face him. 

“Desmond ooh. I be your mama. Na me born you. I know when something de disturb you. For the past five days when you stay house, you’ve been restless. Tossing and turning. Talk to me. What is the matter? “

” Mummy, I am fine really. It’s just work issues”

“Are you sure? “

” Sure mum. I’m fine besides…. 

He was interrupted by the door bell. He wondered who it could be. He told everyone he was traveling. 

He excused himself and went to open the door. He was shocked to see Festus. 

“Festus? “

” For your mind, you Don fool me abi? Make I pass jor ” he said pushing himself in. 

He met Desmond’s mother in the living room. 

” Mama good afternoon ” he greeted

” Afternoon my pikin. How body? “

” I’m fine ma. How about you? Hope my friend is not giving you headache? “

“He is taking care of me ooh. Just that boredom is finishing me. Tell him to marry and give me grandchildren that I will play with” 

“Mummy na… 

“No mommy me anything. Make I live ona two to talk. ” she said and left. 

” Guy stop looking at me like that na. You’re making me uncomfortable in my own house ” Desmond said to Festus. 

” I thought you traveled. “

” Well… I… I just came in today and… 

“You still get mind de lie.”

He knew he couldn’t lie to him but he wouldn’t tell him the truth either. 

“I just needed a break, that’s all”

“And you expect me to believe you put all your patients on hold just because you needed a break? Think of a better lie”

“Come on Festus, drop this na”

“How about I tell you the truth. You are avoiding someone “

” What makes you say that? “

” Because of this ” Festus said dropping his phone in front of Desmond. 

Desmond picked it up and almost screamed. 

” Where did you get this? “

” It doesn’t matter where I got it. Spill it bro. What’s going on? “

” There is nothing going on. This means nothing “

” Really? You kissing a girl means nothing? “

” I was just in a bad mood and needed something to excite me”

“And you kissed your PATIENT? ” Festus said stressing on the PATIENT 

” She just happened to be there. Look this is not a big deal. It won’t happen again.”

“I hear you sir. Let me go and attend to her ni. “he said

” How is she? “

” Not so good. She fell down again during the exercise and twisted her ankle. It’s…. 

“What? Jesus CHRIST Festus. Why weren’t you careful? I’m coming with you to see her. “

Festus burst into a round of laughter. 

“Look at his mouth like it was nothing. See how you almost swallowed me. She is fine. Nothing happened to her. I was just pulling your legs” 

“Dude! That was not funny “

” You did not see your face. Do and return to the office. It’s obvious the break you took did not change a thing. My boy is in love” he said walking away

“Nobody is in any love here ooh. You’re just making… Just get out abeg”


Rukevwe sat outside the hospital, lost in her thoughts. 

It’s been almost a week since she last saw Desmond and it’s really killing her. 

She’s only known him for two weeks and some days but in those days, they’ve bonded so well that it feels like she had known him forever .

Flashes of the kiss came to her mind and she absentmindedly touched her lips. 

She didn’t expect the kiss but oh boy! It felt good. A mild smile played on her face. 

“A penny for your thoughts? “

She turned and saw Festus. She smiled 

” Dr Festus “

” Sorry I’m late. I went to see Dr des… A friend. I went to see a friend “

” it’s alright “

” So can we begin? “

” Can we do it tomorrow? I’m not feeling like it today”

“Is anything wrong? ” he asked taking a swat beside her

” Not really. All is well. Have you heard from Dr Desmond? “

” Hmmmmmmm. You miss him? “

” What? No! I mean yes. Yes! I do miss him. He is my friend “

” Just a friend? No special connection? ” he asked smiling 

” (laughing) nothing like that abeg. Just my friend “

” If you say so. Let me leave you then. We’ll see tomorrow ” he said and left. 

” I only like him as a friend, nothing more. Could I be? No! I can’t be. What about the kiss? It’s nothing. I can’t be. It’s not possible.


Desmond sat on his bed staring at his phone. 

“it’s just a harmless text. Nothing more”

He unlocked his phone and clicked on the whatsapp app

“Hello Rukky, it’s Dr Desmond. Just wanted to check up on you. How are you doing? “

He was about sending when his boss voice rang in his head again. 

” Your appointment with us will be terminated if found guilty “

” aarrrgghhh” he groaned 

He wiped the message and threw his phone on the bed. 

It’s has been like this for the past five nights. He could barely get any sleep. All he could think about was Rukevwe. 

“get out of my head Rukky “

His phone beeped. He picked it up and saw a text from Rukky. He quickly opened it and it read

” I miss you”

He smiled sheepishly


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