*kriiiii kriiiiiii*

Desmond’s alarm rang. He slammed it off with a sleepy grunt. He adjusted himself on the bed and made to continue sleeping when he remembered he hadn’t called his boss. 

He had made a mental note not to go to work for some days the previous night. He must do all it takes to get rid of whatever feeling he was developing for Rukky, even if it means missing work for a few days or weeks. 

He sighed and picked up his phone from the bed. He made to call his boss when he saw the time. It was still too early to call. He sent a text instead. 

“Good morning sir. How are you and the family? An emergency came up and I won’t be able to come to work for some days. Please permit me” 

He hit the send button and dropped the phone. 

He went into the bathroom to ease himself. He returned and saw his phone blinking. He opened it and saw a reply from his boss. 

“How long will you be absent and who is going to replace you during that time? “

He hadn’t thought that out. How was he supposed to know how long it would take him to kill his feelings? Probably a week? Two? 

” A week sir. I will call Dr Festus to help me oversee things while I’m away ” he replied 

” okay. Make sure to sort out whatever it is. We can’t have distracted doctors ” came the reply from his boss. 

He called Festus. He picked after the third ring

” Hello Festus “

” Desmond, this one you’re calling this early, hope all is well? “

” all is well. I just need you to oversee things in my ward for me. An emergency came up and I’ll be traveling for a week. ” he lied

” Emergency? What kind? “

” It’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ve already told our boss. “

” Hmmmmmmm. It’s okay. Not more than a week oh”

“Yeah. Thanks man”

He ended the call and fell back on the bed. 


“Desmond, Desmond ooh. Wake up. Ten Don reach. You nor go go work today? “

Desmond stretched and yawned. He sat up rubbing his eyes to clear off sleep. 

” Mommy miguo ” he greeted

” Vrendo. You no wan go work? “

” No ma. I took some time off ‘

“Why na? “

” How I’m I going to tell my mother that I’m running away from a woman. A beautiful, amazing and sweet woman. “

Flashbacks of the times he spent with Rukky came flooding in. 

“Desmond!” his mother called throwing a pillow at him. 

“Why did you do that? “

” I ask you question, you begin dey smile like goat when dem de roast”

“Was I smiling? “

” No. Your 32 teeth dey do fashion parade. Why you de smile like fool? “

” Nothing ” he said avoiding his mother’s eyes. 

” na woman abi? “

” Mommy na. Which woman? “

” You tell me. Na only woman go make man just sit down de smile. Tell about her “

” There us no woman mummy “

” You think say you get sense pass me ehn? Talk jor” she said slapping his shoulders playfully causing Desmond to laugh 

“Mummy leave me abeg. There is no woman anywhere “

” (laughing) if you like no bring her come house make I see. You don old finish you still want do hide and seek love. Make I go cook” she said leaving her room. 

“Mommy, mommy “


” Are you sure of what you’re saying? ” mama kunle asked

” Yes na. I even have pictures ” Moses said 

” I can believe it. I saw how she smiles whenever he is around her” Mary said

“let us see the pictures ” mama kunle said 

They all gathered round Moses as he brought out his phone. 

The sound of ‘awwwwnnn’ filled the room. 

Just then, Rukky came in with Dr Festus. They quickly dispatched to their different bed. 

” What is going on? ” Rukky asked noticing how they were looking at her and smiling 

” Nothing. We were just watching a funny video on my phone ” Moses said 

” You can rest now. I’ll Come back tomorrow morning ” Dr Festus said 

” Tomorrow? Does it mean that des.. Dr Desmond will not be around? “

” He will be away for a week or so”

Rukevwe’s countenance fell. Dr Festus noticed it but didn’t think much about it. He left. 

Rukky sat in her bed sulking. She tried hard but couldn’t stop herself from missing Desmond. 

“Missing someone?”

Rukky turned to see Mary smiling at her. 

“Mary, don’t even start ” Rukky said lying down 

” Don’t start what? I’m I saying anything wrong? I’m right, aren’t I? “

” I’m not missing anyone, I just.. I just miss walking on my own and…. 

“And doctor Desmond? Admit it, you like him”

“I don’t jor. “

” Lie to yourself there.

As Festus stepped out of the ward, he saw a group of people (patients) gathered around Moses again. His curiosity got picked. 

“I would like to see what you guys are so interested In” he said

“Nothing sir. It’s just a funny video ” Moses said

” I would like to see it too” Festus said stretching his hands for Moses to give him his phone 

“It’s not important sir besides I’m sure there are patients you need to attend to ” Moses said hiding the phone behind him 

” I’m sure they can spare a few minutes. Let me see”

“Sir I.. 

“Let me see it ” he said more sternly 

Moses had no choice but to hand him the phone with shaky hands. 

De festus’ eyes widened in shock at wwhat he saw. It was a picture of Desmond and Rukky kissing. 

” When was this taken? “

” Yesterday sir” 

Realisation dawned on him. 

“This must be why he refused coming to work. There was no emergency. I am so going to taunt him with this” he said smiling mischievously. 

He sent the picture into his phone 

“Who has seen this? ” Festus asked 

” Just a few patients ” Moses replied 


” Good. Delete it and don’t let anyone else see it”


“Okay sir”

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