Mrs Regina half ran through the hallway holding her wrapper that was constantly falling off her waist.

“Na who them de call Dr Desmond” she asked but got no response as everyone went about their business

She went to a nurse that was arranging files at a corner

“My pikin abeg no vex. You know who be Dr Desmond?”

” Yes ma”

“Thank God. I beg you fit show me e office?”

The nurse carried the files and led the way.

“Just go in. The last door by your left”

“Thank you my pikin. God go bless you well well”

She went as directed and knocked on the door

” Come in”

She opened the door and went in.

Seeing that it was an elderly woman, Desmond stood up to greet her.

“Good afternoon ma!”

“Afternoon my pikin. Na you be Dr Desmond?”

“Yes ma!”

“Na me be Rukevwe mother. She call me yesterday.”

“Okay ma. Please sit down”

“How she de?” She asked sitting down

“She is not really in a good shape but it’s nothing we can’t handle. She broke her tibia and fibula and might not be able to use her legs for some…

“Heeeeeyyy! She yelled

“So my pikin no go for waka again? My enemies don finally succeed”

“That’s not what I’m saying ma”

“Oh Jesus! How I go take carry face now? My only hope nai Dem Don spoil leg so”.

Dr Desmond tried calming her down but she kept wailing and interrupting him severally. This pissed him off and he didn’t know when he shouted

“Madam keep quiet and listen to me”

Silence fell on the office

“I no talk say your pikin no go Waka again. I only say her leg break and e go take time to heal but she go waka eventually”

“Mtchewww. Na wetin you for talk first be that na. See how you make heart cut me. Where she de? I fit see her?”

Dr Desmond wanted to say no as Rukevwe might be sleeping but he needed to explain things to them and didn’t want another scene. He decided to explain to both of them

“Let’s go”

When they got close to the door of the ward, he heard laughter and noise from inside. It was not yet visiting hours. He wondered what could have caused the noise.

Immediately he opened the door and stepped in, the noise died down. Rukevwe who wasn’t aware that someone came in asked

“Wetin happen? Why ona quiet sharp sharp like that?”

“Rukevwe ooh” Mrs Regina shouted

“Mummy mummy. My mumsi don show” Rukevwe beamed with joy

Dr Desmond stood transfixed. He wondered how someone in her condition could still smile and be so joyful.

” No hail me jor. Pikin wen ever wan hear word. See now, doctor say you no go fit Waka again”

“What? Doctor is that true?” She asked teary eyed

“I didn’t say that. your mother is just misquoting me” he said and stopped to see if she had calmed down

When he saw she was relieved, he continued.

“After the tests I ran on you this morning. Both the visual inspection and x-ray, I found out that the fibula in your right leg is broken while both the fibula and the tibia in your left is broken. Now I’m not saying you will not be able to walk again. You will but it will cost you time and money. You will need to undergo an ORIF to…

“ORIF? What does that mean?”

“Open reduction and internal fixation surgery”

“And how much are we looking at here?”

“About #200,000-#300,000 but we’ll need you to deposit the sum of a hundred thousand naira for us to begin”

“(Sighs) I’ll get back to you doctor” rukky said dismissing him

” Mommy how far na? You don chop?” She asked after Dr Desmond left

“You de talk about food when you see hospital? Wetin the doc talk. Na only Ori you need? I get am for house and I Sabi rub leg “

“(Laughing) no worry yourself for the matter. Shey you remember road to my house?”

“Na only form park I Sabi road ooh. I nor go for go from here.”

“Okay make I call person”

She took her phone and called someone

“Hello! Esther”

“Bae how u de?”

“I’m not really okay. I got into an accident and I’m in the hospital now”

“Jesus Christ! When did I happen?”

“About 2 days ago”

“Jeez! I’m sorry “

“I need a favor from you. My mom is around, she needs to go to my place but she can’t locate it from the hospital. I don’t know if you can come over and help me take her home?”

“That’s not a problem. Which hospital?”

“Teaching hospital”

“Okay. Give me 20 mins”

“Alright. Thanks hon”


Rukevwe laid on the hospital bed thinking. Life has not been easy for her.

Her father died just when she got admission into the University. Her mother single handedly paid for her tuition and other fees. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to wait long to get a job. She got a job with a bank in lagos and she had to move.

She promised herself that she would open a business for her mother as a way of thanking her for her sacrifices and had been saving towards it. Now it seems like this accident came to crash everything. Removing the money for the treatment automatically reduces her savings.

Who would believe she would be lying in the hospital bed unable to move.

She felt a hand touch her face. That was when she realized she was crying. She turned and saw it was Moses, the teenager who ran errands for them.

“Aunty you’re crying”

” No my dear. Something entered into my eyes. You’ve not gone home yet?”

“I’m about leaving, just came to say goodbye “

“It’s okay dear”

“Aunty, my mother used to say that everything happens for a reason. One day you will look back and surprisingly you will be happy for this accident. Goodnight” he said and went ahead to bid everyone who was in that ward farewell before leaving.

Just then her phone rang. It was her mother.

“Hello Rukevwe. How body?” She asked

“I just de ooh. Your side nkor?”

” I just chop finish. i wan slepp nai I say make I call you”

“No wahala. Wetin you cook?”

“Na egusi pepper soup”

“Jesu! I beg being for me tomorrow. I go like chop am”

“No problem. Oya do make you sleep”

“Okay ma. Goodnight”

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