“How na? How could they be so careless ni? Oluwa ooh” mama kunle exclaimed 

“We have all been waiting for the day Dr Desmond would find love and finally get married. It has finally happened and one stupid hospital rule will now come and pit a stop to it. Mtcheeewww. ” Mary spoke 

” Where are they now? ” Mary asked

” They are at the boss’ office. I guess he’s going to fire Dr Desmond now” Moses said sadly 

“what is going on here? ” Dr Festus asked entering the ward

” where is Dr Desmond? ” he asked

“He’s at the boss’ office with Rukevwe” Moses replied 

“Doing what? “

“He caught them together last night.” 

“OH man! This is not good”


“I warned you Desmond “

” I know sir but I couldn’t… I can’t stay away from her. I don’t know the charm she used on me but… 

“Charm? Des? “

” I meant that in a good way Rukky. I like what you do to me. It’s amazing… 

“I’m still here Desmond “

” I’m sorry sir”

“You do know I have to let you go. Right? “

” Sir please. It’s my fault. I’ll transfer to another hospital. Just don’t fire him” Rukky pleaded 

“It doesn’t change the fact that he defaulted. He broke a rule and has to suffer the consequences for it’

“sir please have pity. How do I start looking for a job over again. I’m the only child of my mother. She will be devastated to hear this. Please sir”

“You should have thought of all these before doing what you did “

” Sir, it’s not my fault I fell in love with her. I can’t tell my heart what to do. Sir I beg of you”

“Sir please. I won’t be able to live with the fact that he got fired because

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