It’s been three weeks since the incident. Those three weeks has been torture for both parties.

Dr Desmond boss had summoned him the day after the incident and cautioned him. 

“If this happens again, I’ll take it that you no longer want to work with us. You should thank your friend festus for talking to me on your behalf. Though I see you as my son but rules are rules. Do your best to avoid this from repeating itself” he said.

As per this, Desmond did all he could to avoid her. He only made sure to contact her when it was time for her exercise or check ups and examination and he made sure another staff was present during these to avoid him doing something stupid again. 

None of these could wipe her thoughts from his mind though. He couldn’t stop thinking about her or taking peeks at her when she was not looking.

His mother dis not make things easy for him too. She intensified her nagging him for a wife and kept requesting that he must Marry Rukevwe.

It was hard for him. He missed her laugh, her plays, her annoying but funny jokes. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her and…oh! How he wants her.

Rukevwe on her part seeing that Desmond was avoiding her, didn’t bother pushing. No matter how much she wants a man, she would never for e herself on him.

To avoid thinking about him or missing him too much, she spent her time visiting other patients that were bedridden and helped them when they needed assistance. She made sure to cheer those that were feeling down up. She pleaded and made provisions for her mother to cook more food so she’d give to those who had nothing to eat. She encouraged those who needed it.

She was soon known all over the hospital as ‘joy giver’. 

But even with this,she couldn’t help but miss Desmond. His laugh, his trades. She wished they could just get back to being close again. 

There are times she gets jealous when she sees him being friendly with other females. 

Oh Desmond!

On this particular weekend, one of her colleague from the bank came to pay her a visit. She was happy to see him.

” Sorry we’ve not been able to come and see you earlier” 

“It’s okay Fred. I got calls from you guys. It helped”

“How long do you have to stay here? We miss you ooh. Your noise and disturbance. It’s boring now. Please do and come back abeg” 

“Fred ooh. Shey you were complaining that I disturb too much. Why are you now the one missing me?” She said laughing

“Leave that one jor. Just do and come back”

“I don’t know how long I’ll stay but hopefully I’ll be out soon”

“Alright. Take this. It’s from all of us. We just decided to to give you a little something for your upkeep.” He said handing her an envelope

“Oh dear. Thanks so much. Send my regards to them”

“You’re welcome” he said.

He gave her a peck on her forehead and left.

Minutes later, Dr Desmond came in.

“Who was that?” He asked

A deep frown appeared on her face. 

“Who was he to ask her that kind of question”

She just ignored him and continued pressing her phone.

“I asked you a question” he said raising his voice drawing the attention of others present.

“What makes you think you have the right to ask me that question?”

“Your doctor”

“Good. not my father so stay out of my personal life.”

“It’s my ward, you can’t just bring men into my ward and….

“Men! Look, if you are jealous go exert it on one of your women not me.”

“Jealous? Wait! Women? What are you talking about? I’m not jealous of anything. Fine go do what you want” he yelled

“Fine!” She shouted back 

Desmond walked angrily to his office.

The ward was silent save for the incoherent words Rukevwe muttered.

“Asking me stupid questions like he owns me. Do I ask him who those ladies he flirts with are? Rubbish”

“It’s okay na” mama kunle said

“What right does he have to ask me that?”

“He was just jealous”

“Jealous my ass”

“Aaarrrhhh! Who de provoke you like this na? ” 

” Mommy, you Don come? Miguo ” Rukky greeted

” Good morning ma” mama kunle said

“Morning my pikin. Na who de make Rukky vex na. See how her face swell up.”

“Shes in a better position to tell you. Let me excuse you both” mama kunle said and left 

“Rukky wetin happen? Your face no bright ooh”

“Nothing mommy.. It’s just

“Miguo ma” Dr Desmond interrupted 

“vrendo my son. Abeg wetin do Rukevwe? Person make her vex? “

” That I can’t answer but it’s time for her exercise “

” I don’t feel like it today” she said looking him straight in the eye

Desmond opened his mouth to say something but decided against it. 

“fine! ” he said and left

Her mother looked at them and smiled in realisation 

” Love nwantiti ” she said

” Mommy wetin you talk? “

” Nothing ooh. I just de sing” she said and laughed


It was some minutes past 9pm. The hospital was a bit quiet as some visitors had left and patients were either asleep or getting ready to sleep.

Rukevwe who wasn’t sleepy, decided to take a walk round the hospital.

She stood at the gate and stared at the sky.

“How lovely!”

“Just like you” came a voice

She turned and saw Desmond behind her. She looked away and made to leave but Desmond held her back.


“I need to rest Des..Dr Desmond” she said

“Rukky, I’m sorry.”

“For what? Des, for what? For ignoring me? For yelling at me? For indirectly calling me a slut? For the embarrassment? For what?”

Desmond sighed. He didn’t know where to start from.

“Excuse me” she said pushing past him.

“Rukky, I love you”

“Really? You have a really funny way of showing it”

“You don’t understand Rukevwe. I can loose my job for this. It’s not allowed. It’s against the rules”

“And I don’t want you loose your job. Let’s just be like this” she said with a shaky voice

“It’s hard Rukky. It’s hard” he said pulling her into his arms.

“Des. Please. I don’t want to be the reason why you’d loose your job. I won’t be able to bear it. Just…

She couldn’t finish. Desmond pulled her in and kissed her deeply.

“Oh Des!” She moaned against his mouth.

“I love you Rukky. “

“I love you too”

“An you’re fired”


They broke the kiss and turned to see his boss behind them.


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