Desmond drove into the hospital Monday morning. 

Even after staying away for a week, he still didn’t feel any different. He would have stayed home much longer but he knew his boss wouldn’t agree and he would be failing in his duties as a doctor. 

He inhaled deeply and slowly released the air in his lungs before coming down. 

He opened the door to his office, drop the files he carried and entered the ward to greet those that were awake. 

They were all happy to see him. A part of him felt guilty that he stated away from his duties to them. 

He looked around but couldn’t find Rukky. His heart skipped. 

“she couldn’t have been discharged. Could she? “

His question was answered as she stepped out from the restroom. 

Their eyes stuck. Every wall, every resolve melted away with just one smile from her. She was looking more prettier than the last time he saw her. 

” Good morning Des ” she said

Dr Desmond turned swiftly and went into his office. 

” Shit! Shit! Shit!” he exclaimed banging his hand on the table. 

This was going to be harder than he thought. How was he going to handle her physical therapy and examinations with his feelings floating everywhere? 

“OH God forgive my sins and let this cup pass over me. ” he prayed. 

Due to the schedule of Festus, her therapy was shifted to afternoons and Desmond decided to keep it that way. He busied himself with other patients making sure to avoid Rukky. But alas! Her time came. 

” Miss Rukky, please come to my office for your examination ” he shouted from the door. 

Rukky stood up a d went into his office. She sat down and waited for him to finish up with what he was doing. She couldn’t bare the cold way he was treating her so she decided to speak up. 

” Des… 

“It’s Dr Desmond please”

This threw her off balance but she continued 

“Des, did I offend you? What did I do to you that is causing you to act like this? “

He didn’t give her a response. He stood up and cleared the table as usual. 

” Please lean on the table ” he said without responding or looking at her. 

She stood up and did as he said. She placed her palm on his face but he pulled away. 

” was it the kiss? But I didn’t initiate it, you did I…. 

“Please allow me do my job” 

“Was it the text I sent? Fine! I’m sorry. I was just really missing you and I…. 

“Rukky, Rukky please. Look, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s me okay? I can’t seem to control what I feel towards you. What I feel for you is more than friendship and it can’t work. I can’t feel anything for you. I love my job. I can’t loose it. Nothing can happen between us. I’m your doctor and you’re my patient.”

He went on his knees and began the usual routine. 

“Are you done? ” Rukky asked when she couldn’t feel his hands. 

” Come on don’t be like that”

Rukky paid no attention to him. She took off the blindfold and was reaching for her clutches when Desmond held her hand. 

“Let me go” she said wriggling her hand free from his. 

“Rukky.. Ru… 

“I said let me go” Rukevwe said pushing him off. 

They stood staring at each other. 

Desmond loosing control of himself, lifted her up and placed her on top his table. Before she could say anything or protest, he covered her mouth with his. Their emotions took over and before long, they began to devour themselves with kisses. He broke free to remove her blouse and continued kissing her. Rukky began unbuttoning his shirt. 

“Dr Desmond “a voice called. 

They broke free from each other. And turned only to see his mother, Dr Festus and their boss in the office. 

His boss walked out leaving Festus and Desmond’s mother who was smiling from ear to ear in. 


The office was as silent as a graveyard. Desmond placed his head on his table while Festus sat opposite him quietly. 

“Why didn’t you call me? ” he asked looking up

” I did call you, severally but you didn’t answer. I see why”

“Is this funny to you Festus? Is it? “

” Hey dude! I don’t get why you’re angry. I may not know Rukky pretty well but with the few time I spent with her, I can boldly say she is an amazing person. Sure she can be loud and insensitive sometimes but no woman is perfect. She is caring, honest and truthful, she is kind and always does what she can to help others. She is lovely and brings joy to those who she has contact with. Most Importantly, I can see how she has affected you. You’re more caring and Compassionate, livelier if I may add. Not that boring guy I used to know. You love her. Just admit it. “

” You’re right about everything you said but you’re forgetting a very crucial point. SHE IS MY PATIENT! 

Desmond’s mother who had no idea of the implications of what she saw, was busy interrogating Rukky. 

“So you’re from delta state. Which part? “

” Warri ma”

“Area! So what do you do? “

” I’m a Banker ma”

“Wonderful! Wonderful! “

” Thank you ma”

“Are you married? “

Rukky felt embarrassed and she noticed. 

” I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. How long have you known Desmond? “

She was about to answer when Rukky’s mother came in. 

” Rukevwe, you get visitor? “

” Yes mommy. This na Dr Desmond mother “

” Arrrrhhhh. My sister ” she said as they hugged themselves. 

After a while, Desmond’s mother excused herself. 

” Desmond ooh. That girl good. Na she you go marry. “

” mummy biko, biko biko. Just stop am abeg. I do the mood “

” You better enter the mood now if you no want make I cause wahala here for you. You think say you still young abi? “

” Mommy ooh. No de shout. This na hospital “

” okay na. We go see for house” she said angrily and left 

Meanwhile, Dr Festus had gone to talk to their boss on behalf of his friend 

“Sir I know and understand you, but this is Dr Desmond we are talking about here. He us very good and an asset to this hospital besides he has never defaulted before”

“I know, Dr Festus but rules are rules… 

“Sir sir. Let me come from this angle. Dr Desmond has been with us for the past nine years. I this nine years, have you seen him with a woman? Has he ever introduced any to you? Doesn’t it bother you? “

” Of course it does. He us like a son to me and it will be a thing of great joy to me seeing him settling down with a woman he loves. “. 

” What if this is it? Don’t you think firing him would be a hindrance to that? We should help him not stand as an obstacle. Don’t you agree? “

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