Dr Desmond came in early the next morning. Only few of his patients were awake. He greeted them and went to Rukky. 

He stood staring at her absentmindedly. She has a very lively spirit he could tell. His eyes roamed her face and he noticed traces of dried tears. He felt pity for her. 

Just then, she opened her eyes catching Jin off guard. He didn’t expect her to wake up 

“doctor good morning ” she greeted sleepily. 

” mor…morning. I was just about to wake you. How are you feeling? “

” the same? Doctor, this ORIF what does it entail exactly? “

Dr Desmond pulled a chair and Sat beside her. 

” if you fracture your tibia and fibula, you may need an ORIF to bring them back together into place and help them heal. During an open reduction, the orthopedic surgeon reposition your bone pieces to put them into their proper alignment. 

Internal fixation refers to the method of physically reconnecting the bones. This might involve special screws, plates, rods or nails that the surgeon places inside the bones to fix the in the correct place. This prevents the bones from healing abnormally “

” And it is certain that I will walk again after everything?  

“yes. Although after surgery, because you will likely loose muscle strength in the injured area, exercise during the healing process are important. Physical therapy will help restore normal muscle strength, joint motion and flexibility. It can also manage your pain after surgery. “

Rukky sighed. Dr Desmond noticed her fear and hesitation. 

” look Rukky, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is not the first time in doing this. It’s my profession and I can say I’m good at what I do and… 

Just then his phone rang. 

“just a minute.. Hello mommy, miguo “

Rukevwe looked at him surprised 

” vrendo Desmond. As I nor see you for morning nai I say make I call you. Wetin happen? “

“I had an early shift that’s why I had to leave early. Sorry I didn’t tell you” 

“no wahala. How you go take eat? “

” I will come home for my break”

“OK na. Bye bye “

Dr Desmond turned and smiled 

” caught me “

” so you’re from delta state “

” yeah. I am”

“nice meeting you”

“same here. So are you ready? “

” money or mind? “

” both”

“(sighs) I don’t have a choice. I’ll make a transfer. 


The ward was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Rukky had been taken for her surgery. 

The few days she had spent in the hospital was the liveliest the ward had ever been. De Desmond had told them he didn’t like noise in the ward and thus they barely spoke but Rukky came and made this place lively. She told jokes that cracked them up and made them laugh. 

It’s been hours and they’ve not heard anything. They were worried. 

“Moses! “a woman called 

” mama kunle “

” Go fetch us information “

Moses was the eyes and ears of the patient in the hospital. There is nothing he doesn’t know or can’t find out for you

” Yes ma” he saluted and left 

He went to the waiting room where he found Rukky’s mother pacing around 

“mama any news? “

” No ooh. Then never come out since. I de worried ” she said fondling her wrapper 

” mummy don’t be worried, Dr Desmond is very good at what he does “

He sat down with her and together they waited 

About an hour later, Dr Desmond came out with his assistants 

” good job” he said to them

Moses and mama ran to him

“Doctor how my pikin? “

” the surgery was successful but she is still asleep “

” oghene vwe ko bi ruo. Thank you Jesus ” she said going on her knees 

Moses ran back to the ward happily 

” the surgery was successful ” he announced 

They all shouted for joy 

Dr Desmond entered his office, he took off his lab coat and dropped it on his table. He felt on his seat. 

He Was tired, hungry and sleepy. He looked at his wristwatch, it was some minutes to two. He relaxed on his seat to take a nap before going home. 

He closed his eyes and like a flash, the image of Rukky smiling came to his mind. He sat up quickly, sleep clearing from his eyes. 

“What was that? ” he asked no one in particular. 

He called one of his assistants and gave instructions for him to watch Rukevwe and move her from the I’m into the ward once she wakes up. 

He took his car keys and headed home. He did not plan on coming back unless he was called for an emergency. 

******** *

He met his mother watching TV when he got home. 

“Desmond, you don come?  

“yes man and I’m very hungry. Where is the food? “

” You and food. Go bath first. See how you de sweat”

“fine fine. There is no point arguing with you. Just serve it before I come back. ” he said running up the stairs 

She laughed and went into the kitchen. She served the food and placed it in a tray. She carried it to the dining only to find Desmond sitting and waiting for her. 

” This boy! Did you bath at all? “

” yes na. Bring the food biko” he said rubbing his palm together. 

His mother dropped the tray and sat down, watching him. 

“Desmond Igho Onoriode ” his mother called after he was done eating 

Desmond sighed. Whenever his mother called his full name like that, it meant it was a serious discussion and he knows what it’s about. 

” ma! ” he responded 

” How old are you? “

” What kind of question is that na? “

” answer me my friend. How many years you dey? “

” 35″

“why you never marry? I Don dey… 

“mom not again… 

“shut up. You de craze? Because you Don grow beards you feel say to me back? You know wetin I Don see this life? “

” Sorry ma. No vex abeg”

“Talk true Desmond. You sure say you never de follow do hardware to hardware? “

” Mom! Are you by chance implying that I’m an homosexual? “

“Na wetin you want make I think? Marry you no wan marry. Na wetin you want make I think ehn? E Don reach seven years when I de sing this song give you but you no want listen” 

“Mom please. CHRIST! In fact, I no de follow you talk this talk again. Goodnight ” he said as he stood up to leave

” Desmond, na me you de Waka leave so. I go swear for you ooh. Desmond

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