Desmond hurried through the hallway. He had been called to the emergency unit. There had been an accident at the ikoyi express bridge and the victims were being rushed in.


Midway across, he saw two nurses rolling a stretcher with someone lying on it.


” Where are you taking her to” he asked


“To your ward sir. she is the only one with a serious injury. The others were not that severe. We asked to bring her to you as she might have broken her legs.


Just then the lady opened her eyes and was muttering


“Jesus, Jesus”


“Miss, you are in the hospital now. We’ll do our best to help you. Take her to Dr Henry to run a scan on her and see if she’s suffering from any internal injury or if she has any hit on the Head then bring her to me with the results”


” Okay sir”


Desmond inhaled and exhaled severally to steady his breathe before proceeding to the emergency unit.


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