Several days passed. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months

It’s been six months since the marriage and it has been hell

kunle thought as time passed things would get better but no. It got worse. They fought every hour and every minute. Even something as little as drinking water would cause a huge quarrel.

He had never hit a woman before and never wanted to but Tope had a way of pushing him. Even his friends stopped coming to his place after the way Tope embarrassed them the time they came. She had served them rat poison. Instead of drinks. The whole thing had started affecting his work performance

He had been tempted severally to report the whole thing to both their parents and dissolve the marriage but he couldn’t as he had always been against divorce

Each time their parents came over they would pretend like things were fine. They had become the laughing stock of the neighborhood

*knock knock*

A knock interrupted his thoughts. The door opened and lawrence came in

“hey man. Good morning ” kunle greeted

” morning. Chaii kunle, what is happening to you. See how lean you’ve become. Don’t tell me things are still so bad between the both of you”

“bad? Bad Is an understatement. Things are terrible. I have tried to salvage the situation but nothing is working. All I feel for this woman is hatred. Deep hatred and since she does not want me to have peace. Neither will she. I’ll make sure of it”

“no man. Don’t say that it’s….

“lawrence there is nothing you will say now that can Change my mind. She has troubled me enough and right now I am ready for her. I will make sure she begs me for mercy. She has ruined my happiness and I will make sure she is not happy too


Tope stood outside the pharmacy store waiting for the pharmacist to attend to her

The pharmacy store has been a place of constant visit to her as the fights with kunle kept getting worse Within the six months they’ve been married.

She had thought if she stuck to the advice florence gave to her kunle would have divorced her by now. There are times she would want to make peace but florence would advice her against it. She never envisioned her marriage would be a thug of war. They fought over every little thing. Not that she liked it but florence told her that if she wanted kunle out of her life or wanted a divorce, she should constantly give him trouble but it seems the trouble were also affecting her as she would either end up with headache or body pains

“iya jumble, I’m still here ooh” tope said

“I know, just give me some minutes “

After a while she allowed tope in

” I’m sorry for keeping you. What do you want to buy? “

” body pains relief “

” again? It’s the forth time this week. Tope can I talk to you? “

” iya jumoke, I don’t think it’s your problem how many times I buy pain relief..

“temitope joko (sit down)

Iya jumoke was an elderly woman and Tope didn’t want to appear rude so she sat down

“temitope tell me the truth. What is the problem? “

” problem? there is no problem. I’m perfectly fine”

“hmmmmmmmmm. Okay let me come this way. The story of your constant fight with your husband is no longer a news In this neighborhood. Are you happy about it? “

*silence *

” Tope I want to help you but I won’t be able to if you don’t talk to me”

“I don’t love him ma. This was a forced marriage. My friend told me if I give him trouble he’ll divorce me” Tope confessed

“and you think being divorced is a good thing? “

” you won’t understand iya jumoke “

” really? I won’t? Let me tell you my story. I never met the man I was marrying or knew that I was getting married till the day of the event”

“what? ” Tope asked shocked

” yes and I’m still happily married to him. Our first child will be getting married soon. My dear fighting does not help. Have you tried working things out? “

” but my friends told me..

“which friends Tope. Are those your friends married? What kind of advice do you think they can give you. Not everyone find Love before marriage. Look my dear. The Adekunle I know is a good man. From my end I believe you are a good girl but it is those you surround yourself with that influenced you. Look at you. You have lost weight and so has kunle. Everyone laughs at the both of you. You are both punishing yourselves. This can work temitope. You’ve not even tried and you’re complaining. Do you want to be the reason for his downfall? That man hates you already. Just imagine he looses his job due to lack of concentration. He’ll kill you. Tope it can work. Just try it out. Promise me you will change. “

” I promise to give it a try” tope said amidst tears

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