days passed, temitope and kunle kept living like cat and dog. They fought over every little thing and no one was willing to make peace. Even the neighbors got tired of settling them

This particular Saturday morning, kunle had no where to go so he decided to stay back home. Nonso and Victor told him they were Coming over

He stood up from the bed. He looked at the time and it was past ten. His friends would soon arrive. He went into the kitchen to make breakfast for himself

On his way to the kitchen, he peeped at the parlour and was disgusted at the sight of it

It was dirty as always. Temitope laid on the chair pressing her phone and chewing a chocolate bar. The wrappings of chocolate littered the place. He can’t let his friends come and see the place like this. He walked up to her and tapped her

“what is it this morning? You want to start another fight and disturb the neighbors abi? “

” temitope, it’s a Saturday and my friends are coming over. The place is too dirty please get up and clean it”

“mtcheeww. Shae they are your friends? Clean it yourself ” he said and stood up to leave but kunle pulled her back

” can’t you be reasonable for once? What kind of person are you sef. I have tried making peace with you severally but you refused. Don’t you get tired of doing this? Je ki a e alaafia (let’s make peace) ” kunle spoke calmly

” and who says I want peace. I want you out of my life” she shouted

“and you think I’m happy you’re in my life? I never planned on this but since we’re here let’s just…

“mtcheeww. I don’t know why I’m even listening to you when I have clients waiting for me. Excuse me jare”

“and you don’t even hide the fact that you sleep with men for money. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? ” he asked feeling disgusted

” why should I be? As long as they give me money, kosi wahala. Shift jor” she said pushing him aside

Kunle felt bad. He needed to step out. He needed to drink.

He looked around the house. He couldn’t let his friends see the house like this. He brought out his phone

“hello Nonso what’s up. There’s been a change of plans. My in-laws visited so you can’t come over, let’s meet at our usual spot. Help me call Victor. Thanks. “

He quickly took his bath and left


“jesus christ kul. You mean you have been going through all these?” Nonso asked in surprise

“but how can one woman be this heartless and wicked” Victor asked

“my friends, I am living in hell . I don’t have peace in my own house” he said and took another drink

I know you are going through a lot but don’t drink too much. It won’t solve anything ” Victor said

” at least it will make me feel better for a while ” He said and continued drinking

“wait! Isn’t that your wife? ” nonso asked pointing to a lady who walked into the restaurant with a man

Kunle and Victor turned to see that it was indeed temitope

” see how she is so nice to another man. I think I should confront her ” kunle said standing up

” Don’t even think of it. You’re too drunk ” Victor said trying to stop him

” no. I’m perfectly fine. Can you see how she’s smiling and behaving nice just for money. She’s evil, a prostitute. Leave me let me talk to her ” he said pushing Victor and nonso away. He staggered to where she was sitting

” how amazing. I never knew you could laugh ” he said interrupting them

” kunle, what are you doing here? ” she asked startled

” dear, who is he? ” the man asked

” Don’t worry about who he is. (to kunle) please go I’m having a meeting with my client

“oh! So he is one of your boyfriends. Look here Mr man. I’m her husband. don’t you have shame going out with someone’s wife”

“excuse me, I will not have you insult me. Tope what is this? “

” I’m very sorry jerry. Kunle please just go”

“hey! I’m not talking to you. So your name is jerry huh? She is my wife. Stop screwing her…

“okay that’s it. I’m outta here ” jerry said and left

” you this stupid man, you’ve made me loose a customer ” Tope yelled

” so what? Pan aga (prostitute) ” kunle cursed

” a iwere (fool). Alaimo (senseless). Orinla (big head) ” Tope shouted

” useless woman. Gbogbo nkan ti o e ni orun a pelu awon okunrin fun owo (all you do is sleep around for money) ” kunle shouted back

” foolish man. I hate you, I hate you”

“I hate you too. Obirin idoti (dirty woman) “

They kept insulting and shouting at each other till the owner of the restaurant threw them out.

Nonso and Victor took the drunk kunle away

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