“To say I’m shocked to see you at work will be an understatement. how can you be at work a day after your wedding? Or did your boss not give you leave ?” Lawrence asked

“My brother, he did ooh” kunle responded

“Then why are you here? You’re supposed to be on your honeymoon”

“You won’t understand bro. The situation in which I got married does not call for honeymoon at all”

“Really? Make me understand please”

“Hmmm. I’m only telling you this because you’re my good friend. It was an arranged marriage. Forced if I may add”

“Forced? Are you joking? In this 21St century? Guy be serious ” Lawrence said not believing what kunle said

“Do I look like I’m joking” kunle asked frowning. Lawrence noticed he was being serious

“Wait! You’re not joking? Buy how? I mean why…

“My parents just woke up one morning and told me they had a woman for me to marry bla bla bla. I was shocked myself”

“So you’re telling me now that the woman in your house. The woman you married is a stranger? “

“Exactly. We had only met once and she was so rude. You can imagine how I felt when I found out she was the one my parents wanted me to marry. I tried convincing them otherwise but to no avail. Now I’m stuck with a runs girl for a wife” kunle sighed

“Runs girl? Come on man. How sure are you? “

“She has a car, two big phones and a laptop. Her clothes are not from the local market. She has all these without a job. Plus she never denied having sugar daddies “

“Oh my! Are you sure you can deal with this ” lawrence asked as he pitied his friend

“I don’t know. I really don’t. I’m confused right now “

“But you know divorce is not an option “

“I know. The bible is against it, my parents will just finish me and even society. I know all these but what will you advice me to do na. I don’t think I can bear it ooh it has only been one night and I’m already fed up”

“There is always a way. You can call her and talk to her. Get to know yourselves better. You never know, you might end up liking her or even falling in love with her”

“”(Laughing) very funny. There is no way I can love her. Never”

“Never say never my friend. Let me go back to my office. Find a way to make it work ooh. It’s for life my friend “


4:30pm that had always gotten kunle excited is now the moment he dreads the most. It was closing hours and he has to go home. He thought of going to his friends place to spend the nivht but decided against it. He can’t run from his own house because of a woman.

He picked up his keys, locked his office and stepped out

On getting to the house he saw temitope outside with Florence and chioma. They greeted him but tope acted like she dis not see him and be didn’t care either

He walked into the house and was shocked at what he saw

“I’m very sure I entered into the wrong house. This cannot be my house” he stepped out

He went back to his car and acted like he just arrived. He entered the house and met the same scene

“What happened here? He asked no one in particular

The house was very dirty and untidy. Pieces of clothes lay scattered on the floor, eye pencils, lipstick and chocolate wrappings littered the entire place. His blood boiled

“Temitope” he screamed

“Your husband sounds really angry ooh. Chioma come let’s go before the war begins. See you later I beg” Florence said and dragged chioma along with her. Tope waved then good bye and went inside

“Why did you shout my name like that? See now you have driven my friends away and…

She could not finish her statement as a slap halted her

“Why is my house like this? Even a pig will not live here. Clean this place up immediately ” he shouted and was about going into his room when tope held him back with his shirt

“You slapped me. You idiot. You Dare lay your hands on me. I will make sure you regret it” she said as she picked up her shoe to hit him

Kunle saw it on time and quickly dodged it causing tope to fall on the ground. He ignored her and went into the room while she laid there crying

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