“Oh thank God that torture is over” tope said taking off her wedding dress, then stopped to face kunle who sat on the bed, unbottoning his shirt

“what are you doing there? “she asked

” what kind of question is that? He replied

“I’m about to undress, leave the room”

“you must be very sick. How will you ask me to leave my room for you to undress. Please leave me alone, I’m very tired” he said in resignation

” me too, I’m very tired but I need to undress and I can’t do that on front of you. Excuse me ” tope pushed

” look at this one ooh. You can undress in front of me, I’m your husband now or have you forgotten. You’d rather undress in front of those your old men. You are my wife now and I own your body too. What do I even need that over used body of yours for sef. If you want to undress so bad, use the bathroom. Leave me abeg”

“mtcheeww. I’m too tired to even answer you. Eniyan olote (stupid man) ” she said and went back into the bathroom. She came back later to pick a wrapper and went back in.

She murmured to her self as she undressed

” oh get married to him he is a good man and he has good character. Shey it’s the good man I’m seeing so na. I will so deal with you ehn, I will show you pepper and you’ll have no choice than to file for a divorce. Rubbish “

She came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to look for what to eat.

” where did these people put this food flask sef ” she said and sighed when she found it

She scooped and went to the dinning. After about ten minute, kunle came out and found her eating

“You this woman, where is my food? ” he asked

“Your what? “She asked

“Food of course “

“Look at this man ooh. Shey you have two hands and two legs? And I’m very sure you know where the kitchen is. Go and serve yourself Oga I’m tired. Leave me abeg” she said and went back to eating

“So me I’m not tired abi? Wicked witch” he said and went into the kitchen. He came back and sat on the dinning with tope

“Mtcheew. I can’t eat with a stranger ooh. Let me go abeg” she said and stood up

“Get out. You are the devil” he said and continued eating

When tope was done eating, she went back to the room to find kunle already asleep leaving no space for her

“What is this? Kunle, kunle wake up”

“What is your problem? Can’t I have a moment of rest?

“How will you have rest when you don’t want me to rest? Where do you expect me to sleep when you took over the whole bed” she asked

“Can’t you sleep on the floor? “

“May thunder and brimstone fall on you there. Emi(me)? Sleep on the floor. Come if you know what is good for you just shift of better still sleep on the floor for peace to Reign this night”

“Mtcheeew. Come and force me na” kunle said and continued sleeping, this time spreading himself more on the bed

This angered tope more. She climbed on the bed and pushed kunle till he fell off

“What is your problem? ” he shouted

“You ooh. You are my problem and I won’t rest till I get rid of you” tope said and laid on the bed

“You can sleep on the other side” she added

Kunle stood for a while unsure of what to do. He can’t sleep on the floor that’s for sure. He thought of going to the parlour but he won’t be comfortable. When he doesn’t get a good sleep, he becomes grumpy the next day. He was left with no choice than to sleep on the other half of the bed

“Oh God what kind of problem have I gotten myself Into”  he soliloquised as he climbed the bed


Kunle stirred from his sleep. He stretched his hands and picked up his phone. He looked at the time and it was past six. He tried standing up to prepare for work but couldn’t as he felt something heavy on him. He looked at himself and saw that tope’s head was on his chest. He felt disgusted

“Kini eyi(what is this)? Tope, tope” he called shaking her

“Hmm. Hmmm. What is it? ” she asked half awake

“Get off me” he yelled

That was when she realised she was resting on him. She quickly jumped up

“Look at you. Other women had woken up to prepare food for their husbands to eat and go to work. You’re here still sleeping” he mocked

“Mtcheew. You have hands, go and prepare food for yourself” she said

“Like I would eat anything you cook. Just know that I won’t give you money or anything. Whatever you need, get it yourself” he said as he stood up

“I don’t need anything from you “

“Of course, your multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies are there right? Let me pass jor. I don’t want to be late”

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