It is the 23rd day of June 2019 and a Sunday. The redeemed glory assembly was beautifully decorated and guests have started arriving.

It is the wedding of temitope Biodun and Adekunle Ayodele. The choir looked beautiful in their uniform which was white on black with red accessories

The pastor and ministers were already seated waiting for the bride and groom to arrive

Outside, there was rowdy movements. Kunle and his parents had arrived but tope and her parents were yet to come.

“kunle call them again” Bimbo shouted

“mommy stop shouting, I just ended the call now. They are almost here”

“but why would they still be on their way by this time?

() () () ()

() () () ()

Temitope stretched to pick up her phone and turned off the alarm. It was a Sunday and she needed to prepare for church but still felt sleepy

“just ten minutes more and I’ll stand up” she said and laid back down

“2 hours later*

“temitope, tope open this door. How can you still be sleeping by this time” Abimbola shouted as she banged on tope’s door

The door opened to reveal a sleepy tope

“ahhh! Mogbe ooh. Tope you are still sleeping at this time? ” Bola yelled

” mommy what are you shouting? It’s just some minutes past six. Calm down ” tope said yawning

” this is past eight tope”

“Jesus. Okay give me 30 minutes and I’ll be ready..

“ahhh! Omo yii kii yoo pa mi (this child will not kill me) tope. Temitope. 30 minutes to prepare for your wedding? Did you forget you are getting married today?

“what is going on here? Tope where is your wedding dress? Why are you not ready? ” Adejide asked

” baba tope, can you believe this girl forgot today is her wedding day? Mo ti pari (I am finished) “

” unbelievable! Tope! Oya go inside and start dressing up. Where is the dress?

“it’s not here yet. I thought the wedding was 25th. That’s the date I gave them to bring it” she Said

“ahhhhhh! Oh olorun gba mi kuro ninu ifiju(oh Lord save me from shame) can you call them? Call them to bring it now now tope” Abimbola screamed

Temitope picked up her phone and called the people that were to deliver her dress

“hello. Yes it’s me. No its today. Is there a way I can get it? Oh thank goodness. I’ll be expecting you ” she said and hung up

” what did they say? Jide asked

” they said they’ll be here in an hour time”

“fine. Go and get yourself ready before they come. I’ll call the church and tell them we’ll be late “

Abimbola’s phone rang. It was olusegun calling

” I’m so sorry my in-law, something came up. We’ll be there shortly

*2 hours later*

“iya MI, I’m ready “

” oya oya, get inside the car let’s go “

They got to the church and found kunle and his parents outside.

” we’re sorry for coming late


“oh thank God the wedding was a success. You are now a married man. Mo ba e yo (congratulations) ” olusegun hugged his son

other friends and well wishers came to congratulate them

” it’s okay. Enough of the congratulations, let’s leave them to go home and rest”

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