“what is going on here? What do you mean you are not marrying her? Do you know her?” Bimbo asked

“mom she is the girl I told you insulted me a week ago”

“mommy do you remember the guy I told you behaved indecently with me? He is the one. ” tope told her mother”

“what? Behaved indecently? If you had been nice maybe it would not have happened that way”

“if you had not tried to cheat on your girlfriend, it wouldn’t have happened. At least I now know you have a girlfriend. Mommy ooh, I’m not marrying this man”

“the feeling is mutual i am not marrying this woman baba”

“everybody be quiet and sit down. This is just a misunderstanding ” olusegun said

” kunle, according to what you told me, your friends convinced you to go with them. Right? “

” yes father”

“and you said tope here was in a bad mood”

“yes but it doesn’t give her the right to be rude to me” kunle said

“if you had not looked at me indecently maybe I would have been nice”

“quiet both of you. It is clear that the circumstances in which you met was not a pleasant one and we won’t let it stop our marriage plans. After this meeting the both of you will sort yourselves out. I’m I clear? “Segun asked

*silence *

” kunle, I’m I understood “

” Beeni sir(yes sir)

“temitope “

“yes sir”

“good. Now let us proceed “


” okay okay. I agree with you. It’s better that way. No much persons, just a few friends and family members ” Adejide said

” what about the date I suggested? Is it okay with the both of you? Bimbo asked


“kunle, temitope I am asking the both of you? Is the 23rd of next month okay with the both of you?

“yes” they choruses coldly

“good. Is there anything else we are missing? Abimbola asked

“I don’t think so. We are done here” Segun said

“okay. We should be leaving now. It’s getting late” Bimbo said

“alright, thanks for coming” Jide said

“both of you had better meet again and resolve your differences. You’re about to get married and cannot start by quarreling. My in-laws, we will see again. Goodbye ” olusegun said and they left

Temitope went into her room, changed her clothes and was about leaving when her mother stopped her

” tope it’s late. Where are you going to? “

” I’m going to see my friend and will not come back today “

” Hmm. Temitope, you are going to be married soon. You will need to stop this act of yours and change those friends sef even…

“father please. Good night ” she said and left

She went straight to chioma ‘s place

” tope, what a surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. It’s like the both of you planned it. Florence Is also here. Come in”

Tope stepped in and fell on the chair

“baby girl. This one your face is like this. I hope all is well? Florence asked

“my dear things are not well.. I’m not fine at all” tope said

“what happened na” chioma asked

“I told you guys that the family of the guy I’m to marry were coming to see us today. They came and you won’t believe who it was”

“who? Do we know him? Flo asked

“it is that kunle guy. One of the guys we meet that day at the restaurant”

“was wait wait. Was it the one you said insulted you? Chi asked.

“yes ooh. You can imagine how I’m feeling now “


” my God kunle. Are you sure it is that same girl? “

” are you saying I have memory loss or that I can’t see well. It is her. That rude tope girl”

“I can’t believe it. This world is really a small place ” Victor said

” so what do you plan to do now? Are you still pushing through with the wedding? ” Nonso asked

” like I have a choice. I went home and tried convincing my parents to cancel it but they did not want to hear a word of it. The marriage will still hold” he said and sighed

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