“Woow! Those girls are pretty ” he said

” mtcheeww. You and girls. You never get tired” Victor said

“but you can’t deny that they are pretty. Let’s go talk to them” Nonso said

“you guys go ahead. You know I’m out of the game. I’ll be married soon” Kunkle said

“but you’re not yet. Come on don’t be a kill joy. Let’s go” Victor said

“arrrgghh. Fine”

() () ()

“so you’re saying that you don’t have any idea what he looks like” chioma asked

“I have no clue. The only thing I know about him is that his name is Adekunle and he is yoruba ” tope said

” this is indeed confusing. Then why did you agree to it in the first place? Florence asked

“like I have a choice. You know how my father can be. Very persuasive and…

“look look look. The cuties are coming over” chioma interrupted her

The others raised their head to see the three guys walking towards them

“hello ladies” Nonso greeted

“yes? What can we do for you? can’t men see ladies and not approach them? ” tope blurted out

” heeey. Sorry my friend is in a bad mood” Florence interfered

“I understand. I’m Nonso, he is Victor and he is kunle. Can we know your beautiful names? “

” I’m Florence, she’s chioma and the grumpy one is tope”

“nice. Can I see you privately? ” Nonso asked Florence

” why sure”

Nonso left with Florence while Victor excused chioma leaving kunle with tope

They remained in silence. Each lost in their thoughts

“will you stop staring at me like that? “tope said

That was when kunle realized he had been staring at tope. He felt embarrassed

‘what do you mean?” he asked

“you were staring at me like I was standing unclad before you. I’m sure you were drooling”

“oh please don’t flatter yourself. You’re not even as beautiful as my girlfriend. Why would I drool over you” kunle defended himself

“so you even have a girlfriend? What are you doing here with me?

“I’m sure you don’t have a boyfriend with this rude attitude of yours” kunle fired back angilyy

“I don’t have time for men like you “

” of course. You only have time for sugar daddies and people husbands “.

“at least they are far better than you. Excuse me. Etan (idiot)” tope said and stood up

She almost fell as she moved to pass kunle. Kunle on impulse stretched his hand to stop her from falling and touched her breast by mistake. An act that earned him a slap from tope

“fool. Idiot. That is how you go around touching women pretending to help them. Stupid man”

“how dare you” kunle yelled raising his hand in an attempt to hit her

“you want to beat me. Go ahead. Hit me. Rubbish ” she said and walked away

” I don’t have time for prostitute like you. If I had know I would have stayed back ooh. I wouldn’t have been insulted like this. I blame Nonso for this ” kunle said and left. He went back home


Saturday morning saw the biodun ‘s preparing for the visit of their proposed in-laws

” temitope, where is the flower I asked you to bring na. This girl “

” mommy it’s on the dinning table “

” okay. I’ve seen it. Where’s your father? “

” he is still in the bathroom “

Tope stood arms akimbo staring at her mother. It was as if she was the one getting  married. Her father had been in the bathroom washing God knows what

” and you, why are you not dressed. “

” I’m ready. Don’t I look okay. “

” this girl. You will not disgrace me. Go inside and change at once “

*an hour later”

“now you look okay and…

She stopped when she heard a car honk outside

“baba tope, come ooh. They are here” Abimbola said and ran outside

Soon she stepped in with them

“mi ni ofin re itewogba (my In- laws welcome) ” Adejide greeted

” dupe lowo olotun o le e(thank God you could make it) Abimbola added

“ose o(thank you) ” Bimbo responded

” see how big and handsome you have become kunle ” Jide said

” thank you sir” kunle replied

“where is our tope” Segun asked

“have your seat while I go call her” Bola said and ran inside. Soon she appeared with tope

As soon as kunle saw her, he shouted

“what? Iwo (you). Rara ooh. I am not marrying her” he said standing up

“iya. Is he the one? Eyii (this one) I’m not marrying again

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