Adekunle sat in his office, his mind far far away from work. He still couldn’t believe he was going to get married to a complete stranger. He did know what to expect

*knock knock*

“come in” he responded to the knock

“uummm sir, it’s 2pm ” beauty his secretary said

” okay. Do I have any appointment for the rest of the day? “

” yes sir. Two”

“okay. Cancel them and reschedule. I won’t be coming back”

“okay sir” she said and left

He was to meet with his friends at a restaurant who might already be there waiting for him

He sighed, picked up his key and headed out.

He knew hi friends were not going to let Jim hear the end of it after telling them what happened



He stepped into the restaurant. He didn’t need to look far for his friends as they had their usual spot were they sat

“heeeehhhh. The latest man in town. The soon to be mister” Nonso hailed as he stretch Ohio hand for a shake

“my man, Nonso just told me the news now. How true is it? Victor asked

“it’s true ooh. I really don’t know what to do ” kunle said as he sat down

” why are you like this? It’s a good thing na” Victor said surprised at kunle ‘s countenance

“good thing that I’m getting married to a total stranger? ” kunle half yelled

” what do you mean total stranger” Nonso queried

“my parents arranged my marriage to the daughter of their long time friend. The only thing I know about her is that her name is temitope and she is yoruba”

“woow! When you told me you were getting married, I thought you proposed to ijeoma ” Nonso said

” ijeoma my foot! Would you have advised her to marry a lady like ijeoma. I doubt if she washes her own clothe ” Victor said

” ijeoma is not the issue here now. But wait o kunle, why did you agree to the marriage in the first place” Nonso asked

“like you don’t know my mother, she went as far as recounting my ordeal with women saying she’s saving me from them”

“well I kind of agree with her on that one, you have really gone through a lot in the hands of women..

“and how sure are you that she’ll be any different? ” kunle interrupted victor

” because your mom choose her for you. She must have scrutinized her very well before suggesting her to you”

“hmmmm I think I also agree with Victor, he..

Nonso stopped talking when he noticed three girls walking into the restaurant



Temitope sat in her bed as she applied make up on her face. She was to meet either her friends

Alot was going through her mind as she prepared she couldn’t believe she agreed to a silly marriage arrangements her parents made. She was going to get married to a total stranger and there was nothing she could do about it

The ringing of her phone jolted her from her thoughts

” hello based, where you de na? We’re standing outside the restaurant waiting for you ooh” Florence one of tope’s friends said

“I’m sorry. I’m almost done”

She quickly picked up her bag and dashed out

“thank God I have a car. I wonder how long it would take me to get a cab” she said as she entered her car and drive off

Soon she got to the restaurant and found her friends outside waiting for her

“sorry for being late ” she apologized on getting to where they stood

” it’s okay. How are you? ” Florence asked

” my dear I am not fine. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m getting married to a complete stranger. Let’s go inside I’ll Gist you guys”

The trio stepped in

“cute guys” chioma said noticing three guys sitting at a corner. Florence and tope followed her eyes

“hmmm yes they are” Florence concurred

“i thought you both have boyfriends? ” tope asked

” it doesn’t mean we can’t admire other guys. Besides, you can’t have too many boyfriends ” Florence said and winked at the guys

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