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Adejide sat face to face with his daughter temitope

“baba there is nothing you will say to change my mind ooh. I can’t marry someone I don’t know. This is not the old days I beg. I want to marry someone I know and love. What is it with this arranged marriage na” tope said visibly angry

“tope, omo mi(my child) listen to me. Have I ever lied to you? “

” no sir”

“do you think I will see what will harm you and allow you into it? “

” No sir”

“do you trust me. “

” Yes sir”

“So why can’t you believe me on this? I know kunle. I watched him grow up. He is a good man and every woman’s dream. He is well to do, has a good job and a car. He has a good character and is also handsome. Isn’t that what girls want in a man these days?

“sugbon (but…

“please my child, do this for your old man…

“you’re still talking to this one ” abimbola said interrupting her husband

” It tope, shey you said I should talk to my daughter? Leave me to do just that” he said

“ahh! Sorry ooh. Let me leave you to talk from now till tomorrow. I’m going to the market “she said and left

” Don’t mind you mother, you know how she is. As I was saying, kunle’s father and I are close friends. At some point people used to thinks we were brothers because of how close we weren. It was with his help that I was able to stand on my feet today. I owe him a lot and this is the way I know I can pay him. Please child. Se oro me ye o bayi (do you understand me now?) “

” oro re ye mi(I understand)

“will you do it? “

” kosi wahala(no problem) I will”



“Adekunle “

” iya “

” Adekunle “

” maami”

“Adekunle “

” maaaa”

“how many times did I call you? “

” three times ma”

“is this the first time I’m talking to you about marriage issue? “

” no ma”

“good. The previous times we spoke, you asked me to give you time to choose. Yes or no? “

” that was what happened ma”

“and can you recall what happened those times? “

” but mom I..

“let me tell you. You brought Funke, she ate your money and left. You brought Bimpe, she used juju on you and almost rendered you useless. You brought that omo igbo. What’s that her name again sef? Eeerrmmm Amaka, she wanted to take control of you business. Even Linda duped you. Now it’s this ijeoma that behave like praying mantis. She carries her hands like she has leprosy. Plate, she cannot wash. Cook, she cannot cook. She’ll paint her face in the name of make up and will be looking like the gods in my village. That is the kind if girl you want to bring as my daughter in law? Adekunle, all your time has expired. Now you will do as I say”

“maami, I don’t even know this girl you are talking about. What if she’s worse than the ones I’ve brought? “

” my dear, I know temitope. She is a good girl and very homely. She’s smart and beautiful. O je ologbon (she is very intelligent) you will like her I tell you. Don’t you trust your mother a Gato? ” she asked laughing and hitting him slightly on the shoulder

” I do mother, it’s just that…

“it’s just nothing. Her parents and I go way back you know. They are lovely people. You won’t Have problems with them. Come on just..

*ring ring*

She was interrupted by the ringing of kunle’s phone

“excuse me mom. Hello ijy baby, how are you? What happened? Shopping? Like now? Okay can you give an hour? I’m having a discussion with my mother. What do you mean leave her? Do you know what you are saying? So because I love you I should disrespect my mother? So be it then. It’s over” he said and ended the call

“you see what I’m saying? Just say yes to marrying temitope and you won’t regret it”

“okay mom”

“that’s good. Let me go And tell your father so we can fix a date to go and see her family “

She said and stood up

” baba kunle, your son has agreed oh”

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