Dee Shoe Girl Damilola Glowville

The slow and steady rise of Damilola Glowville as popularly called by her social connections is something to take a look at in today’s emerging SMEs.

Bossmeek Blog decided to invite her for an exclusive session having been impressed by the good works to this generation, particularly being part in the redefinition process of the feminine gender. With her and other well-to-do females taking the lead in all human endeavors, we can say that the place of a woman is beyond the kitchen.

She has been able to rise from the struggles of a 9-5 job mix with entrepreneurship and decided not to be limited as a corp member from 2 years back.

A chitchat with Damilola Glowville talks about her journey in the shoe business and how she has been able to scale up through different struggles as she clocks 2 today.

What do you have to say about entrepreneurship generally?
Entrepreneurship is the process of venturing into or running a business with the capacity and willingness to develop the business, manage it alongside its risks in order to make money/profits.
Did you think it was actually meant for you or you wanted to test your hands at something new or expected?
Back in school, I’ve always had a thing for buying and selling. I sold aquariums back in school. So I already knew that at some point in my life, I’d go into entrepreneurship.
Why did you choose to be selling footwear out of many other businesses that sell in the world?
I wanted something different from regular businesses. I saw it during one of the Skill and acquisition of entrepreneurship development class (SAED). I saw it as an opportunity for me to learn it and I did.
How have you been able to turn this into something big?
I have a passion for shoemaking. If you have a passion for something, you’d always want to give it your best. I try to learn more, read more, ask questions about it from people that know more about it. I try to evolve as well. Plus I’m consistent.
Do you think failure is necessary for growth? If yes, is there a particular thing someone is expected to fail to succeed?
Well, I don’t think failure is necessary for growth. Even though people say “experience is the best teacher” I feel one does not have to necessarily experience somethings before you grow or before you know the right thing to do. We can learn from people’s mistakes. That’s why we have mentors to guide us so we don’t make the same mistakes they made.
How have you been able to manage your business during this period of the pandemic?
I’ve been consistent. I keep putting out my designs regardless of the pandemic. Some people ordered and some people saved the pictures to order later. I try to talk to new people about my business. And my customers refer me to their friends and families.
What would you advise a person freshly coming out of school? Corporate work or personal business?
I’d say know yourself. Not everyone can be a career person and not everyone can be an entrepreneur. So know what works for you. Don’t go into business because your friend is going into it. Do you really have a passion for it? Then follow your heart and be passionate about your dreams. You will succeed at either.
What do you have to tell young business owners looking up to you on how to deal with different customers?
Customer experience is key in running a vibrant business. Treat your customers how you would want to be treated. Customers are the key to any successful business so treat them right because you are in that business because of them. They need you as well as you need them.
Do you have any advice for the Nigerian youth and Africa at large on how to defy hurdles and give themselves a desired life?
Be true to yourself, do what makes you happy, always develop yourself, and be the best version of yourself.
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